Monday, June 27, 2011

(2011.JUN.25) UPDATE: Cherry Creek Band Of Nine

2011.JUN.25) - Cherry Creek Band of Nine - four foals, four mares, and a stallion (all sorrels) have returned to their usual territory along the eastern bench of the Cherry Creek Mountains.

The Goshute Creek band is no longer to be seen in this small area - I would imagine they have returned to their home range to the north of Goshute Creek.

I spotted bachelor Blaze about four miles south of the CC band, east of the fence.
Most of the cattle have been gathered from the narrow strip of public land along Curry Road (WP CoRd 21), leaving a few scattered groups, for a total bovine count of about 3 dozen between Cherry Creek and Goshute Creek NV State Park. 
The gate to the park (an undeveloped campsite) is open.

The newest member of the tribe arrived mid-June, 2011

Heading down to water

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