Tuesday, June 28, 2011

(2011.JUN.27) Goshute Creek Band of Wild Horses

(2011.JUN.27) Goshute Creek Band of Wild Horses has returned to the vicinity of their normal territory, though they are still about two miles south of Goshute Creek, along the eastern bench of the Cherry Creek Mountains, and west of the fence.

The big mare (far right) is a domestic horse, due to foal the first of July.
She belongs to a tenant at the Cherry Creek Ranch, and her straying into the wild band
may have been a factor in pushing through this gather.

Wild mustard (light green and orange) has already started going to seed, and cheatgrass (brownish purple) is a major source of fuel for wildfires. Cheatgrass is a good equine food source in its early green stages, but becomes undigestible as it matures. Removing horses from this range may contribute to the risk of range fires during the next summer cycle.

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