Thursday, June 16, 2011

(2012.JUN.15) -- Ely BLM Hearing on the use of motorized vehicles and aircraft to gather wild horses

2012.JUN.15 - Ely, NV

There were only five attendants at the meeting (not counting BLM personnel). 

Brad Harmbrook representing NDOW (NV Dept of Wildlife) read from a prepared statement about the need for, and humanity of roundups. He ran out of time before completion of his reading.

Next, Megan Brown from Nevada Cattlemen's Association. Ms. Brown could have simply picked up where Mr. Harmbrook left off, for it seemed as if they were both reading from the same paper. She read without conviction, and ran out of time. 

Jeanne Nations representing her private enterprise: "Nations Horse World Wild Horse Photography Workshops" read her statement about the inhumanity of roundups. She recommended smaller gathers, and the use of food and water traps. Ms. Nations described seeing mares die from exhaustion while being pursued by helicopters, spoke of the high death toll of the Calico gather (2008). She expressed concern for the many new foals on the targeted areas. 

Finally, I expressed generally the items on my written statement, including the conviction that my personal observation of roundup operations has convinced me that these methods are NOT humane, or efficient.

I stated that while I have no great objection to fixed-wing aircraft inventories (fly-overs),  these are not accurate, and thus implored BLM to utilize the greater pool of information that is available to them, through individuals in the field. I stated that there is a wealth of comprehensive information about the local herds, due to the prevalence of photographers documenting them over extended periods of time. I expressed my conviction that there ARE better ways to manage wild horse populations.

The fifth person - a man with a large stack of papers - remained silent at the back of the room.

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