Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blaze Of Glory: Final Days Of Freedom

(2011.JUN.29) - Northwestern Steptoe Valley - Nevada, USA

Blaze (as I have come to call him) is a bachelor stallion that originated from a band of wild horses that have become known as the ’’Cherry Creek Nine". He was forced out about two years ago, when he had reached maturity and became a contender to the patriarchy. Still, Blaze continues to stay fairly close to his first family, though now he wanders alone, waiting his chance to start a family of his own.

The Cherry Creek Nine inhabit a narrow strip of public land in northwestern Steptoe Valley (Nevada), and they are scheduled for removal by the BLM in early July.



His fate is grim. At four years of age, Blaze is too old to adapt well to captivity, and won't be very adoptable. He'll most likely be shipped (eventually) to a long-term holding facility in Oklahoma, to live out his days in captivity, among other geldings.

If the "gather" is "successful", Blaze will never again know freedom. Will never again follow the trail to water, that he has followed nearly every day since his birth on the open range. He will never reach his mustang potential; will never mate or sire a foal.



Blazing Stallion 2009


2008 - Just a pony, still at home with his family.
(Blaze is #3 in this parade.)

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