Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(2011.APR.26) Cherry Creek Tribe


The day is cool (high 30's - low 40's) partly sunny with occasional scattered snow flurries. Curry Road is dry dirt, well-compacted . 

Runoff from melting snow runs in small washes from the high mountains down into the flat. Most of these washes will dry up in early summer. For now, water is abundant, as is new-growth grass and forage.

There are no free-ranging cattle on this area of the range, at this time. The only other large animals inhabiting this part of Steptoe Valley public lands are a herd of about a dozen antelope.

Cherry Creek Tribe consists of eight core members, including the stallion, two yearlings, one new foal and four mares, (one appears pregnant); plus three satellite bachelors. All members of this band are sorrel with white stars or blaze faces. A few have lighter-colored manes.

Young bachelors, no longer welcome in their famiy of origin, keep one another company until they find mates. These guys are bout two years old.

"BLAZE" is approximately four years old, and has been on
his own for the past few years. As he is reaching his prime, I expect
that soon he will have a harem of his own. Preferrably, his mates will
come from a different band than the one he was born into.


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