Sunday, April 24, 2011

2010.APR.24 - Wild Horses Of Butte Valley


Today's weather is cool (low to mid-40's), overcast and foggy with intermittent sleet.  Creeks and watersheds are high, due to melting snow. Roads are generally dry and deeply rutted in some places, from winter traffic to and from mine sites in Butte Valley. Low-profile vehicle NOT recommended.

New grass is plentiful on the high desert. Small herds of cattle are visible throughout the valley; most notably about a dozen head are grazing around the base of the ore dump at the U.S. Gold mine.

Butte Valley Group 1 (pending rename) today consisted of a black stallion, a large buckskin mare with buckskin foal, bay mare with bay foal, and two young bays of indeterminate gender (probably mares). All members of this group appeared vital and healthy. Both foals are probably two or three weeks old. The bay is smaller of the two.

Red Butte Band

Lone Sorrel Stallion - could be from either herd

 The Black Mountain band consists of six members including the big bay stallion, three mares, and a foal that appears to be several months old.

Black Mountain Band

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