Saturday, April 23, 2011


If you notice my activities via Facebook, then you know that my old Canon Rebel xT died of unknown causes while I was guiding wildlife biologist, Craig Downer, on a rambling tour of wild horse country, April 10.

Followed a series of "coincidences" which culminated in the provision of a new Canon T2i, from the generous hand of Maureen Lynch Vanderstad of and an agreement to provide the organization with documentary photos of the wild horse herds that I traditionally follow, anyway. The principle difference now being that my documentary wild horse photos will henceforth be dedicated to GRH FIRST.

In keeping with my commitment to advance the cause of improving the public's awareness and understanding of ACTUAL conditions on the range, I will publish my photos and documentation here, and leave it to the dedicated advocates at GRH herd watch to organize and present them in a system that makes sense.

Bands that I follow on a regular basis include:

  • Cherry Creek (Steptoe Valley)
  • Butte Valley
  • Antelope Complex
New areas will also include the Medicine and Maverick ranges.

Please stay tuned!

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