Monday, May 2, 2011

Antelope Complex HMA (2011.MAY.01)


The day was bright and crisp beneath puffy clouds, as we took a short drive along Hwy 93 from Cherry Creek north to the turn-off to the non-operational Kinsley Mine in Antelope Valley, and back into Antelope Valley.

From the highway we observed four small bands (4-6 members) of wild horses grazing along the western slope of the northern tip of the Schell Creek Range, so we decided to jump over onto the old highway that runs parallel to 93.

Becky Mountain Band
Near Boone Springs, one can usually expect to see at least two bands of horses on either side of the highway. This day, we saw only the fabulous palomino stallion.
(One should not conclude from this, that the horses are not there anymore - chances are, they were grazing on the other side.)


The dirt road is dry and well-compacted, at least to the Elko-White Pine County line. The water hole below the mine is full, and vegetation abundant. One lonely cow and new calf are the only bovines to be seen. Two herds of about a dozen North American pronghorn antelope run in the distance.

Muddy bachelor grazing on the northwestern edge of Antelope range south of Hwy 93

Antelope Valley - Kern Mountains

Archive Photo: Antelope Valley - 2011.MAR.23

Archive Photo: Antelope Valley - 2011.MAR.23

Archive Photo: Antelope Valley - 2011.MAR.23

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  1. Great shots! I've spent some time in the area - Kern MTS in particular and you have captured it well. Any information on how Kern MTS were named? Thanks,