Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011.MAY.04 - Long Valley, Nevada


The weather is warm and clear (high 60's); roads are dry and extremely dusty in some places.
The desert floor is beginning to dry, but vegetation is plentiful in the high elevations, and stock tanks are a common sight in Long Valley. Cattle graze in small herds throughout the broad valley.

Magnificent Seven  --- Ruby Mountains in the distance.
The light area at the base of the mountain is non-operating
Philips Petroleum Yankee Mine. Several wells and tanks in the valley
were placed there by mining companies for
 the benefit of both domestic animals and wildlife.

Long Valley Canyon Road

Numbers on the map represent horses actually seen, and it must be understood that these are only a small percentage of actual numbers. When the weather warms, many horses will move up into the trees,
and it is simply not feasible to visit every canyon; let alone find every horse.

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