Monday, May 23, 2011

(2011.MAY.22) - Siegel Creek Band

Siegel Creek, far up in the High Schells Wilderness, is inaccessible throughout most of the year.  Today, we were able to cross numerous water-gorged wash-outs, with the use of a high suspension 4-wheel drive vehicle.  The way is steep, and the road is deeply washed in several places.
(Not recommended to the inexperienced rough terrain driver.)

High precipitation and melting snow have produced a lush and verdant landscape, resplendent with new wildflowers. Forage is extremely plentiful, and the deciduous trees and shrubs are just beginning to show buds. Evidence of large game is abundant, though we saw only tracks and scat, as the animals have probably heard us coming slowly along the muddy trail, and taken cover.  Along our two-hour tour we encountered rain, snow, sleet, hail, and finally, a few rays of sunshine as we descended back into the canyon .

Survivors of January's Antelope Complex roundup are safe in their
high country home in the Schell Creek Mountains. 

Two known bands of wild horses in this isolated range are yet unaccounted for. That does not mean they are gone forever; most of the mountain remains inaccessible at this time, and stormy weather has likely driven most wildlife into the shelter of  mahogany thickets and aspen groves.

Archive Photo: Bachelor Stallions of Siegel Creek (2010.AUG.22)

Come! Ride along with me on a journey that is sure to impact your perception of horses in the wild!


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