Monday, November 12, 2012

"Haunting " by Arla M. Ruggles | Redbubble


Haunting by

I just couldn’t stay away …. He …. heard me coming – in my rattling old truck – slowly along the dirt road – searching.
He paused … to ….consider …. he …. came closer … so near the road … where I was parked. Waiting.
Again … we danced.

Eastern Nevada, USA

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Nominated for the prestigious Pay It Forward Showcase by my
Wild Horses, Mustangs, & Other Non-Domestic Equines group
cohost, Corri Grytling-Gutzman
Of this image, Corri wrote: “I want to nominate [The] Haunting
by Arla Ruggles. The photo she took of this wild stallion lives up to its name…it’s haunting. The photo is beautiful on the web and even more so in real life. I purchased her calendar that includes this image, and I love it."


DeeZ 5C Awards Showcase

Special Nevada Wild Horse Tribute

High Quality Images

on Animal Photography

Breathtaking Animals And Plants
Just The Horse
10+ Features
Pay It Forward
That One Great Shot
Wild Horses, Mustangs & Other NonDomestic Equines
Made By Nature
Simply Horses
The Top Favorites Group
NEVADA: The Silver State
Steptoe Valley Photographers’ Association
Animal Photography
Style! Class! Elegance! Excellence!

Canon 350D EOs
Sigma 70-300 mm
Corel PhotoImpact x3

Artist’s rendering by “Tiffany Rach”

Views: 4,278 (2012.OCT.29)
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Views: 2,803 (2011.AUG.21)
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