Thursday, July 21, 2011

(2011.JUL.20) Day One - Triple B Gather


In our role as advocates for better treatment of our wild herds, it often seems like only the mistakes and abuses are talked about. The worst aspects of wild horse management operations do need to be brought to light, AND we should be just as quick to recognize improvements as they occur. 

Today, it must be said that Sun J and BLM did an excellent job in all aspects of their gather operations, and every part of the process was carried out with professionalism and skill.

Sun J pilot, Josh Hellyer, showed marked improvement from his earlier
performances at the Antelope Complex gather, early this past winter.
Throughout the day, Josh held back from the running herds, and at one point, even fell back and allowed them to rest and regroup before continuing into the jute enclosure.

None of the horses entering the trap appeared unduly stressed, and no lather appeared.

We noticed that most of the overhead railings were padded. Our BLM rep explained that the padding had been suggested as a way to reduce neck and head injuries, this small improvement has been incorporated into the standard setup. (One example of how speaking quietly gets better results than screaming epithets.) 
Padded overhead rails are known to reduce injuries significantly.

 A few of the railings were missing pads, and this was also pointed out to the rep.

Situated in a gravel pit, the gravel mounds provided an excellent point of vantage for wranglers.

Today's trap set-up was unique, inthat the trap and sorting corrals were directly connected to short term holding pens. This eliminates one in a series of loading and unloading, as the horses will be taken directly to their destination in Gunnison, UT.  This not only reduces stress on the horses, it is economically advantageous.

The pens were well supplied with fresh water and hay. A water truck from BLM Fire filled troughs, and then encircled the pens with a swath of cooling spray to quell the dust. We noticed that the animals seemed undisturbed by the large truck driving around the pens, while workers on foot were frightening to them. Given that this is a mining area, the horses are used to heavy vehicles rolling through their habitat.

The sorting process was carried out quickly and efficiently, and each group of animals settled down quickly after sorting.
The four-wave gather brought in eight stallions, eight dry mares, two mares with foals, and two heavily pregnant mares, for a total of twenty-two. At the end of the day's gather operations, we were invited to approach the holding pens.  All animals were in very good condition, and no series injuries were observed.
It is gratifying to note that cooperative efforts between advocates and BLM have brought about some improvements in the roundup process. We can be grateful for the horses' sakes. Such progress in dialogue bodes well for continuing efforts to achieve a healthy equine environment, and an end to mass removals of horses from their native ranges.

This is no time to relax our efforts toward achieving transparency  in all phases of wild horse management.

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  1. WOW this is the best PROPAGANDA crap I have read it a while about the BLM and their ILLEGAL AND LAW BREAKING roundups!

    Hey Arla you left out the ILLEGAL part of all this! And I have video (because I was there and so were many other people) of sun j NOT BACKING OFF and ALLOWING the horse to rest! There were 7 injuries and 2 deaths from this round up!! See you in court! WE WITNESS IT and OUR EYES ARE NOT FILLED WITH BLM HOG WASH!

    Fair warning, STOP YOUR ILLEGAL and INHUMANE TREATMENT OF OUR WILD MUSTANGS you mass murdering law breaking people!


    Todd Homman
    U.S. Army Retired
    Constitutional Defender

  2. Dear Todd,

    Congratulations on having perfected your invisibility cloak! There were two observers at this action, and the person standing next to me witnessed the same thing I did.

    Granted, our viewing capabilities were quite limited; due largely to hostilities created by the false reporting of one particularly belligerent individual professing to be the world's highest authority on these matters.

    Guess where else I did not see you?

    I did not see you at the meeting of the BLM, where I testified against the use of helicopters in gathering operations.

    I did not see you at the Antelope Complex gather, this past winter, when it was so cold that my camera froze and ceased to function.

    I did not see you anywhere on my information-gathering expeditions to document range conditions, proving that BLM's Environmental Assessments are inaccurate (all at my own expense, by the way).

    Sir, you may accuse me of being deceived by my own eyes (and video), and you might also accuse me of many other personal shortcomings, but of not caring about these horses with whom I share the open range, and on whose behalf I labor continually; you may NOT.

    Until I see your video, I will presume that you are another exploiter of innocent people who care so much they'll throw money at you, if you simply offer up the proper amount of compelling bullshit.

  3. CORRECTION: I have been helped with gas money totalling les than $100.

  4. Ma'am I was not seen for a reason and as far as I know I have NEVER BEEN SEEN at a illegal round up!!!!!! I am not here to gloat etc for my actions I DO NOT WANT ANY GLAMOUR OR CREDIT, I STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT FOR THAT REASON AMONG OTHER REASONS - They can FOOL THOSE PEOPLE THEY KNOW ARE THERE TO VIEW THE ROUND UPS BUT THEY CAN"T FOOL THE ONES THEY CAN'T SEE!!!!

    I am there to stop the ILLEGAL, INHUMANE and UNNECESSARY round ups by collecting hard factual evidence not evidence that has been planted or setup by the BLM, they WANT YOU TOO SEE WHAT YOU SAW!!!!

    If you were ANY KIND of horse advocate or a horse lover as you say you are, you would not be writing such a "LOVING TOUCHING" story, this is what the BLM wanted you to see Ma'am!!! You falsely reported about there being no injuries, this is incorrect, there were 2 mares lying DEAD on the ground covered in sweat approx 3.2 miles N NW from the pens, SOMETHING YOU COULD NOT SEE. And there were 7 limping and favoring as they where SHOVED into the pens! You are correct about one thing thou, I was not at the BLM meeting!

    Next time you are at a roundup look around you VERY hard you MIGHT see me but I highly doubt it unless you check every inch of ground that has a view of the round up areas, approach paths and pens!

    You Ma'am write like the BLM is doing everything correct and legal and that they treat these horses with except, love and kindness, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

    They are VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW SET FORTH BY A CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE and ANYONE that is involved or is supporting these illegal activities BE WARNED JUSTICE IS COMING VERY SOON!

  5. I do not think they are doing everything right. I am opposed to the roundups.

    I choose to approach this terrible issue from a position of diplomacy, as much as possible, until the final conclusion can be drawn - in whichever way that might come down.

    I hope that last statement is true. Good luck!

  6. Well I am not saying stop want you are doing what I am saying is that you are only seeing what they want you to see! And I concur what you wrote originally is what you saw and is the truth as you know it but it is not the full truth! Have you ever asked why you are only allowed in a certain area, well I hope I just answered your question(s)!

    The BLM can not be trusted no matter what they say, I and others have proof that they lie about every roundup and the condition of the horses before and after roundups.

    Do you report and show your pics with any Mustangs orgs like Cloud or Save our Mustangs, etc? Some of my pics and videos are on the web but far now I will not tell you or anyone where they can be found for certain reasons.

    Stay vigilant and please keep you eyes open and take what the BLM says with a grain of salt because they lie about every roundup, in EVERY statement, press release or meeting they issue!

  7. Todd, I do not care how we get there, or who gets it done first - Just so long as it does get done.

    See you out there .... or ... NOT!

  8. Thank you Arla, for great coverage, in as much as they allow you to see.
    Appreciate it so much. We got it covered on this end at Palomino Valley, those coming in over here anyway. As it happens, it will be shared.
    Best, Cat

  9. Thank you, Catz - The first "shipment" went out yesterday (2011.JUL.22).

    If I understood correctly, they are destined for Gunnison, then on to Delta, UT.

  10. @Todd, I honestly don't believe you were there, all the way from Louisiana. I would love to see your video & all the ones you state are on the web. You have nothing posted on your group "Save the Animal that Helped Create America":, nor on your facebook page that contains postings of everything else but the horses. Oh I did find a couple on your fb page 7/10, 7/13 & 7/17. Are you posting from the range by Iphone? Not trying to start a fight, but I just don't believe you in your statement you were there & have video.

  11. Cat - I had heard that the Palomino Valley facility was filled to capacity, already.

    Was that incorrect info?

    I'm pleased to see that some visitors are being allowed to document the new arrivals there!