Monday, June 25, 2012

Triple B HMA South - Butte Valley

Nobody who's been there recently would dispute that conditions are very dry in the Triple B HMA, which extends from Cherry Spring (near Ruby Lakes Wildlife Refuge) on the northeastern end to Hercules' Gap on the southwest; encompassing virtually all of the public lands between I-93 and I-50 in White Pine and Elko Counties.

To proclaim "drought" in an area designated as high desert seems a bit redundant, since drought is the norm, rather than the exception, in a desert environment.
Limousine Butte Mine
39°53'34.33"N / 115° 3'5.52"

Reclamation appears to have been completed, as no heavy equipment is around the site. No livestock.

Sheep Camp   39°48'13.01"N - 115° 8'29.20"W

Power source for portable motor to drive the pump. 
It is customary to remove motors when the location is not being used

Hunter Spring ~ 39°35'0.03"N  / 115° 07.46"W

Horse Canyon - 39°45'14.03"N / 114°57'28.86"W

In the 50 yrs that I have been visiting this site, the tank has NEVER been empty. In dry years, the puddles dry up, but the tank has always had some water in it. Sheep ranchers knew how to pipe these springs so that large animals would not damage them.

Starving and thirsty?  I don't think so!

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Butte Valley

Dry tank and trough

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Telegraph Mountain

Natural spring piped for sheep. Maintained annually - West Ranches.

Natural spring

Natural spring piped for sheep. Not maintained- West Ranches.