Thursday, January 6, 2011

(2011.JAN.06) Three Rabbits

The first thing I saw today, was this little fellow browsing for stickers outside my window. Mocha brought it to my attention, and we quietly watched for several minutes. Rabbit felt us watching, but continued eating.

The medicine of Rabbit is "Fear".   Rabbit calls to itself, the things that rabbit fears most. To put that into New Age speak; "That which we concentrate upon, is drawn to us." All negative thoughts are born from fear.

I took several photos. Intentionally, some contained the shadow; some were framed to exclude it. It wasn't until I opened the files to edit them, that I noticed the small animus - a leaping lepus - sandwiched between the physical rabbit and its shadow. 

Today's messenger is telling me to be mindful of my thoughts, for the vibrations upon which I dwell, will dwell in me - and multiply like rabbits!

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